JB Walker:   Guitarist, Vocals                                                                           On Facebook "I was born to rock, I live to roll, half a mile from nowhere, out on the road baby."  

Blackcloud Bobby Bruno:   Bassist, Vocals                                               On Facebook
Robert was born in 1943 in Germany where his mother had survived World War II, residing in Munich until age 4. Being an Air Force brat, he has lived all over the world. Raised in Dennison Texas until joining the air force himself at age 19. He started playing the Bass in Japan during Air force tour. Three words describe him best, Dedicated, Determined and Dependable (like the evening news). He has been a Cheap Whiskey Man for 20+ years and wouldn't have traded the ride for anything. Married to Pam since1979 they have two children, grown thank God! There are 5 main things important to him in life: His wife, children, job, music and a good steak. He is a motorcycle rider and has been since he got license at age 12. (No shit, you could get a license in Texas at that age back then) . He rides a 2010 Super Glide. Teaching his wife to ride they go everywhere on the bikes whenever possible. Favorite color is blue. Favorite pastimes include watching sports, playing music, riding his bike and a good meal. He has zero tolerance for bullshit, scrubs or being ripped off. Don't ask his opinion about anything unless you want to hear it.

Mr. Pat Shumake:   Guitarist, Vocals, Engineer                                             On Facebook When JB Walker strode into WLBB radio in Carrolton, Georgia with his new 45rpm record in his hand the last thing he expected to hear was no

The Big Easy Bennie Eidson:   Percussionist                                            On Facebook

The Slacker Darrell Daniel:   Engineer & Production Management          On Facebook
The Slacker took his first breath in Crawford Long hospital in Atlanta, Georgia as Jonathan Darrell Daniel in 1972. Grew up in the hillbilly side of Austell with yard full of chickens and a hog that him and his brothers had ridden until they turned it into pork chops. Always has had a love for music from being surrounded by it, from Mamma playing her 45 records to older brothers picking on the guitar and banjo. After doing everything from truck driving to driving Miss Daisy, he found his calling in audio production. The Slacker has engineered everything from live broadcasts on ABC to the biggest concert tours with rock stars that have household names. Being a genius, he found out quickly the easy way to do things. After getting all that experience under his belt, I was asked to join the Cheap Whiskey Family and It's been the greatest experience of my life. Nothing but Rock and Roll ever since.

The Doctor Tim Dean:   Percussionist                                                      

Big Casino Carlos Bickers: Chief Of Staff   



                                              On Facebook

Kevro:  Classified                      Some things in life are self explanatory, some aren't. But as Kevro explains it so well, "If you don't know already then you don't need to know." Kevro rides, no that's wrong, he pilots his Ultra Classic Harley Davidson everywhere and anywhere he needs to go and makes sure El Presidentes Stone Mountain Softail stays ready for the road. Does he Roll Hard. To use his words, Ye Ye Yeeah.          On FaceBook Your Joking

Handsome Roy Key: Guitarist




                                             On Facebook

Chucky Baby:  Tour Manager   As a founding member of the band and JB's friend of 40 years, Chuck has seen it all. Running sound, lights, singing  and playing the bass in the beginning, but when the band started touring the world he found his calling in making sure the band got there safe, happy and ready to Rock and Roll. A one lane road to a concert in Somalia? What most call dangerous, Chucky Baby calls home. Does he ride? Hell yes! Roll Hard.  On FaceBook

Gone But Never Forgotten: In Memory Of Cheap Whiskey Men

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The Bear Wayne Sauls

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